Dreaming… I am only dreaming…

Or at least I try to. Okay, well to be real specific I do dream. Quite often very vividly. However, the times when I am dreaming during sleep occur in the middle of the day. You see, I am somewhat of a night owl. I find it difficult to sleep at night, and therefore I sleep during the day. I have a good hunch this is a result, whether directly or indirect, of me living with my father for the last 11 years. Let me explain. My father is an employee or “Cast Member” at the Walt Disney World Resort here in Orlando, FL. He’s been working 3rd shift there for 17 years exactly in a little over a week from now.

Since he works during the night, he has to sleep during the day. So this means the house (or currently the motel room) is pretty quiet and dark in the hours while he sleeps. This is something I’ve gotten very used to. And this is why I think I am the way I am with sleep. I can’t really do much when he’s asleep, unless I’m out somewhere doing something. Since I don’t have much to go do anywhere, that rarely is the case. So I’ll be sitting there watching T.V. at a very low volume. Or I’ll try to play my acoustic guitar as quietly as I possibly can. Well I’ve found that being really quite while he sleeps isn’t much of an efficiency.

So I’ll just sleep during the day until he gets up to go to work sometime between 9 and 9:30 pm. Then while he’s at work, I’m free to watch T.V. at a regular volume, rock out on my guitar, or listen to music on the computer for a good 8 or 9 hours. Most people would think it would be a nonstop party to have the whole place to themselves at night from the time they where 8 until 19. While there have been a couple of good years of this, it’s just not practical. Furthermore, I find that living with a “nocturnal” sleep schedule is pretty detrimental to one’s social life.

Though I don’t have much to do with my days, I have even less to do at night. So it really can start to feel like a rut you’re super glued in. Every so often I end up forcing myself to stay awake for 24 or more hours so I can actually sleep through an entire night, thereby “resetting” my biological clock. Unfortunately, that never lasts more than a week to a week and a half at the most. Then I’m right back to my “normal” sleep “pattern”. I do believe that if I where to obtain a day time occupation of some sort, that I could keep regular sleep habits much more easily. This combined with moving in with someone who are also on a regular cycle of sleep.

Last night I was feeling a little drowsy around 11pm, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I got offline, came back to my room, took a shower and hopped in bed. I watched about an hour or so of T.V. Then a little after midnight I turned it off and drifted off to dream land. Like I said, I have very vivid dreams. But that’s a whole other post entirely. I started to wake up and because dream sequences seem to alter the space time continuum, I thought I had done it. I thought it was around 6 in the morning, 5 at the earliest.  I was feeling rather good about it and accomplished. I fiddled with my wrist watch to find the light button. “2:45a” illuminated in a electric blue glow of failure.

At this point I was wide awake and new that I wasn’t going back to bed anytime soon. So now the real test is to stay awake until about 1 or 2 am. This way I know I’ll sleep until around 8 or 9 am. That means 22 to 23 hours of being awake followed by only about 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I realize how unhealthy this is, but it’s the only way I can seem to fix things. Hopefully I will find a job soon. I’m not going to give up on that. That’s a fact, Jack!

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