Super Fun Clicky Clicky Time ^_^

Other than looking up random information about personal ailments, stupid videos of drunk college kids on YouTube, and constant updates of your Facebook and Twitter feeds, what does the internet have to offer? Games. Not just any games. Point ‘n’ Click games. Yes, the great time killer for the lazy person in all of us. Just sit back, or better yet lay back, and let your finger do all the work. Hopefully you haven’t completely turned into Beavis or Butthead with that last sentence. Moving on… Point ‘n’ Click games are some of my favorite free online games. Most notably room escape games. I can, and have, spent a couple of hours searching around a room looking for the things I need to gain freedom. However, I wanted to blog about two non-room escape point ‘n’ click games. The first is one of many odd Japanese games. This one is called A Couple of Milky Way. The simplistic flash art style and culture clash combine for a fun and interesting game. There really isn’t much you can say about it. It’s really kinda random.

The other game I wanted to talk about, is perfect for the architect in you. It’s called Cargo Bridge. Yesterday I came across this game at It’s an awesome physics based point ‘n’ click. You have to build bridges on a limited budget with different kinds of materials. The materials, of course, cost different amounts of money. You’re building the bridges so the little AI workers can cross to retrieve cargo (hence the name) and bring it back to the home base. So far I’ve gotten to level 16, but I will warn you that level 7 is HARD! I really enjoy Cargo Bridge as it makes you really think logically about physics while still playing a fun engaging game. If that’s not your thing, then perhaps one of the many other point ‘n’ click games found online will satisfy you. Google is your friend 🙂

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