Years to the Day

Years of passion
For the Oakland sound
Found truth in the stash and
One of these days I’m concert bound

Years on break
Hoping for something new
I eagerly await
With ‘Shenanigans’ in ’02

Two years later
The ‘masterpiece’ arrives
Leaves a smoking crater
And forever changes lives

Another year goes by
A date in my state
Finally the time has arrived
Show sells out, it’s too late

Some more years pass
Still crushed from ’05’s missed chance
Humming songs while in class
Forever a fan I hold my stance

Now the news is leaked
Following up to A. Idiot
My heart seems to skip a beat
A new tour and I have to see it

The breakdown comes out
Two masterpieces in half a decade
Blowing us away w/out a doubt
Memories that won’t soon fade

August 5th, 2009
All day in line
Pays off in time
Leaving chills down my spine

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