Vhat’s in a name?

vladYesterday, I was watching a show on the History Channel about Dracula. I use the term “watching” rather loosely here, as I was focused more on whatever it was I was doing on my computer at the time. So I suppose I wasn’t really paying much attention to either activities. Anyway, on the show they started talking about Vlad III The Impaler (Dracula), and it got me thinking. How often do you hear that name thrown around these days? Vlad… not Dracula. Whenever you do hear it, your mind instantly fills with images of creepy bald guys with long fangs and even longer, spider-like, fingers. Well I think Vlad is a cool name. Seriously. I’m putting it on the list of possible boys’ names for whenever I have a kid or kids. Yes, I’m 19 and already thinking of what to name my kids. No, I’m not one of those teens you see on the Tyra Banks, Maury Povich, or Steve Wilkos shows who think they are all grown up and would be responsible parents so they go ahead and get pregnant behind their parents’ backs. It’s not like that at all. I know that I have plenty of years ahead of me before I’ll even consider having a baby with a chick. I just think that Vlad would be cool for a boy’s name. Aside from the quick novelty of being “Vlad’s Dad”, I’m picturing when he’d be a teen and hanging out with his friends. “Hey, what do you want to do today?  I don’t know… let’s go hang out with Vlad at the [insert teen hangout spot nick name].” The other novelty that is now coming to mind, is rather immature, but I wouldn’t doubt that he and/or his friends would adopt the “The Impaler” adage once he has his first… intimate evening with a girl. Once he’s of proper age and readiness, of course. Anyway, this is my Halloween post. Remember to check your candy, folks! Be safe, and have a Happy Halloween!

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