5 years later…

Wow… sorry for that hiatus. I have a beard now. No joke. I legitimately have a beard. I find that hilarious. I haven’t stepped finger on this blog in over 5 years. And when I finally come back and dust off my old WordPress account, I have a beard. A beard that’s been growing steadily for over 2 of those 5 years. In that time, apart from the forestry on my face, I’ve grown a bit myself. I’m now 25, turning 26 in April. I no longer work for Walt Disney World and instead now work from home for a big technology corporation. I actually live in a house that I pay rent for myself. That’s a huge leap forward in 5 years. I’m also going to be starting school in the fall. I will be attending Valencia Community College online for “General Studies”. Basically I’ll be getting my Associate of Arts degree, then transferring to UCF for my Bachelor’s.

I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be doing once I’m at UCF, as major’s tend to change during the first couple of years of college. Right now I plan to get into the Theatre BFA program at UCF, but that may change during my time at Valencia. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve really been in a true school-like learning environment. I did briefly go to adult school in 2008/09 to obtain my GED. After that it’s just been work and the required training. I want to be successful in college and that’s why I’ve decided on Valencia. Originally I had planned on attending, and was partially through the admissions process of Full Sail University in my home town of Winter Park, FL. However, after careful review I had decided that the school was just to expensive ($57k) for me to start my college career with. I think that going the community college with a transfer to a state university is the better path for me. Still figuring out the financial aid stuff for Valencia now. Which brings me to this plug… I’d like to take this moment to share the link to my GoFundMe campaign in which I hope to raise enough money to cover the costs of a new computer and other supplies for school. Any contributions or shares of the campaign are greatly appreciated. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…

Speaking of scheduled blog posts… (nice segue, Jake!) …I’m going to try and be a bit more active on this blog. I’ve always been decent at the written word but too lazy to do anything with it. Well since I’m going to be attending college for the first time I had better get used to doing lots of writing. Especially if I branch out into an English degree, which I very well might. I also see that as an opportunity for me to share my collegiate experience. At least until I figure out what the hell I actually want to do with this blog. Once I get a central theme or direction of where to take this blog, I might just leave this as a personal journal of sorts while creating the main blog separately. In any case I will try and stay vigilant on posting regularly. Feel free to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @JakeT490

Thanks again for anyone who may still be subscribed to this blog. Sorry about the dark ages. Let there be light!

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