Cats, cats, coffee and cats.

Anyone else out there a cat owner? I am now the proud cat daddy of two feline family members. My first cat is Ohana. I got her a little after I started this blog actually. She just turned 5 years old yesterday. Or so we think. We don’t really know her actual birthday as she was adopted from a nice family on Craigslist. But the vet assumes Feb 25th 2011. The other cat we have is actually a kitten. Nova is a rambunctious little spitfire. She was born on or around Thanksgiving 2015. Again we do not know the actual date as she was a rescue from a local WaWa gas station. He original nickname was WaWa. I love animals so much, and cats are some of the best creatures to have as a companion. They are super simple to take care of. They basically maintain themselves. The affection and love that penetrates with a cat’s purr is unlike anything you’ll ever come across. When they knead or “make muffins/biscuits” it is the best feeling ever. Especially on a sore back. These are my cats…


COFFEE. I did mention coffee, right? Yeah coffee! Caffeine and coffee. Okay take a second here. I am fond of coffee. I’m even fonder of Girl Scout Cookie brand Thin Mints coffee creamer. That shit is, to quote a 12 year old Jake… “Amazeballs!”. Seriously folks. Ever wonder what it would be like to drink a thin mint cookie and get a buzz of caffeine and even more sugar at the same time? Then come over around 8am and I’ll make you the greatest cup of coffee you’ll have this side of Wal-Mart. Any brand of brew will do!


This was also her Wheaties box photo

So in short, cats and coffee are things that are required in my weird little life. They make me happy and I love them. Do you like coffee and or cats too? Feel free to leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Cats, cats, coffee and cats.

  1. Actually I love our cat and drink my share of tea also. We give our cat a wet dry diet. Dry food in the morning and canned, wet food in the evening. This works well. Best of luck with your cats.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! My cats are also on a wet dry diet. However I feed them a little differently. I’ll feed half a portion of wet food in the morning and half in the evening with the dry food out all day. I’ll have to try out your method sometime. Happy blogging!

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