Fear of sleep

The title of this post is in reference to a song of the same name by the band The Strokes. This post is about my insomnia. Here goes. Stop. What the fuck does here goes even mean? That can’t be grammatically correct, can it? Was that? Or that… or.. okay enough. Insomnia. Right. So I have insomnia as you may be well aware. I am prescribed Ambien for that. Most of the time I do take it but sometimes I am able to fall asleep without it. Other times I don’t even bother and just stay up until the morning. Usually by then I either crash really hard or I’ll make some coffee and stay up. That’s not the best idea and I’d advise against it. Do as I say, not as I do. I mean this is a blog so what it does is what it says. Right? In any case, I dance a strange dance with sleep. Sometimes a tango, others a foxtrot.

With Ambien, I get what I call “Ambi-drunk”. It’s this really weird mix of feeling drunk, sedated, a little high, and very chill. Then before you know it it’s morning. Or if you’re one of the unlucky bunch that have side effects, it’s time to mow the lawn then cook dinner at 3 in the morning. I however, do not suffer from such side effects. Ambien is kind of a miracle when used correctly. If anyone may be suffering from sleepless nights and melatonin, and other over-the-counter sleep aids don’t work, try Ambien. Okay why do my blog posts keep sounding like commercials? Sorry about that you guys. Umm… so the one side effect I do “suffer” from is the crazy dreams. I love a good, interesting dream or series of dreams. What is that anyway? Is a dream a single thing that happens multiple times a night or is the dream itself you having multiple dreams in the night? Inception type shit. The back of my head just fell off and now I hear a single cricket chirping.

One of the craziest dreams I’ve had after taking Ambien featured Jim Morrison of The Doors. He was in some magical land with this mountain and the sun shining. He made a giant cartoonish rainbow appear from the mountain. He then gave me acid-coated candy and I woke up. How crazy is that? In my dream acid makes you trip with reality and consciousness. That’s pretty deep. I think I’ll end it with that.



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