Fuck Laundry

Why haven’t we come up with a better way of doing laundry by now? Like automatic laundry machines that do all the tasks even up to folding and hanging the clothes. It would save so much time and energy. I could do more things. I could write a second blog! But would I really? Or would it just be time spent doing more of nothing or sleeping? Probably a 70/30 mix of both. As it is right now I am doing laundry tonight. Going to stay up and get it all done completely. No Ambien for me tonight. Just some caffeine in the form of a cherry coke. I’ll save the coffee for in the morning. I’ll need some extra motivation to get through the night though. Music is always something that makes doing chores that much easier. I should build a laundry doing playlist and listen to it while I work. But what would be a good song to kick off such a playlist? For some reason Twist & Shout comes to mind. Perhaps that’s sort of what my washing machine does. More reason for the need of music, and apparently headphones.

With a new kitten running around it’s imperative I double check the dryer before drying clothes. That’s not something you can recover from right away. I love cats too much. Even when the little shits bite you and draw blood. She’s just playing but she plays rough. Trying to train her is pretty difficult. We also have to keep her separated from my older cat. They don’t get along quite yet. Nova, the kitten, will try and chase and play with Ohana, the adult cat. Ohana is actually afraid of Nova and hisses then runs away. It’s kind of hilarious except Ohana already has a lot of anxiety so I feel bad that this new kitten has stressed her out even more. I feel like with time they will warm up to each other and eventually become friends. Especially when Nova gets a little older and calms down like Ohana did. Fingers are crossed… and bitten and scratched.

Somehow this started off as a laundry post and ended up another post about my cats. I feel like I need to build a table out of wood or something. Seriously though that would be pretty cool. I’m seriously a crazy cat lady in the form of a 25 year old male. It’s amazing what the love of animals can do to a person. While I do love animals, I haven’t been able to go full vegan or anything that extreme yet. I do need a lifestyle change but that’s a bit far for me. I think I should start off with just baby steps. Less soda, more water. Less burgers, more fruits and veggies. I still love steak but appreciate the animals it comes from. It’s a weird polarity. I’ve thought about going vegan because of the whole not eating a thing with a face. My cousin has changed their lifestyle for that reason. I commend them. It’s got to be tough when there’s such amazing smells that come with cooking meat. This blog is just going off on all sorts of tangents. Perhaps it’s best I end it here. I should save some ramblings for future posts.

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