Royale with Cheese

I’m about to make a cheeseburger for breakfast. Fuck you for judging me. There’s nothing else really to make and that’s the only thing I don’t have to thaw before cooking it. I love cooking in general but there is something about frying up a patty and adding a little gourmet burger seasoning. I don’t remember if that’s from McCormick or Weber. In a few days we’ll be getting a grill. That’s going to be exciting. As much as I love my burgers and steaks from my cast iron skillet, I cannot wait for some real grilled meat. It’s going to be paradise. Don’t tell Jimmy Buffett. How do y’all have your burgers? Cheese or no cheese? Pickles? Onions? None of the above? I like a toasted bun, or in today’s case toasted sliced bread. Then I’ll add a little bit of mayo, some mustard and ketchup on the top bun. I’ll put the burger (with cheese) on the bottom bun, sometimes with lettuce first. pickles, and onions come next. Sometimes I’ll add a tomato slice but usually the ketchup suffices. Shit I should start the fries first. I always forget they take a lot longer than the burger to cook.

Okay now that the oven is preheating I’ll get back to the blog. Crinkle cut fries are the best to go with a juicy homemade burger. With just a little bit of salt. And of course some ketchup to dip them in. My Grandfather used to use a fork to dip and eat his fries. I miss him so much. He and my Grandmother. They were the most caring, loving people you’d ever meet. I bet my Gramp would love a burger from me. He’d be there with his fork for his fries. I wish I had some more milk and some ice cream. I’d totally make a shake to go with my burger and fries. Why not, right? Make it old school 50’s diner style. Mmmm, diner food. So good. Okay now I’m really getting hungry. I have to wait for the fries to be at least about half way done before I can even start my burger. But it always fills the house with such a good, albeit greasy, smell. I do need to cut back on my grease intake. Not having a gallbladder makes processing grease a very unpleasant experience. It’s sucks because I really love Taco Bell and other fast foods. All the best tasting foods are the heart attacks waiting to happen. I’m 25 and have pretty crappy health for my age. And I know it’s directly related to what I’m putting into my body and how much I’m not exercising.

I do plan on joining the gym soon. As soon as I get my license and can take myself there instead of bumming rides. My work has a fitness reimbursement program where they’ll pay for gym membership fees. Pretty neat. I want to take advantage of it and get into better shape. But for now, #TeamFatass is going to have a nice and juicy cheeseburger. And you can’t have any.

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