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What the hell is this logo even supposed to be? The sun?

So the other day we called our local cable and internet provider to find out how much it would cost to add some services to our account. We have premium cable with an HD DVR box but wanted to add an additional HD box with Voyager (whole house DVR) service, and phone service. In addition to that we wanted to open a second account for basic internet. Two people will now be working from home over the internet on opposite sides of the house. Both need to be hardwired into the internet. Over the next 4-5 days we spoke to at least 6 different representatives, got 6 different answers, 6 different prices. It was a nightmare. We had at least 5 different technicians come out. First things first, we have two techs show up on Monday. They come thinking they were adding a WiFi extender access point. I explained the whole situation to them and they spend about an hour and a half setting everything up. They left. Everything was working just fine. We had whole house DVR and could watch recorded shows from the living room in the bedroom. Our phone worked, we had a phone number. We even kept getting calls about social security. Obviously wrong number calls. The basic internet that was set up was also working perfectly. Everything was working just fine and dandy. For a few hours. Then we noticed the WiFi wasn’t working. We were able to connect to it but there was no internet. So I call the company and they get the internet back up. But once it was up I run a speed test and notice it is much lower than it should be. So I now use the company’s online chat support to try and resolve the speed issue.

The chat support just made things worse. Not only did this not resolve the speed issue but it completely knocked the internet out entirely. No WiFi, no hardwired internet. And because our phone service was VOIP there was no phone. I call them back and they try for a bit over the phone to get things back up and running but they eventually come to the conclusion that another tech will have to come out tomorrow morning. That morning the tech was right on time, unlike the previous two who were about 40 minutes behind. The tech spends about 25 min getting the internet back up, and the speeds were good. Everything was looking good except now we still didn’t have a dial tone on the phone. The tech calls dispatch or whomever they talk to to activate equipment and they say that our account doesn’t show that we have phone service. The tech assures me that it’s just an account issue that can be squared away over the phone, that all the equipment was fine. So he left. I got back on the chat support and was talking to the representative who was also saying the same about our account. That we apparently never requested phone service. I explained that we had been receiving calls until the internet stopped working the day before. The rep then said that she could get phone service but that ANOTHER tech would have to come out.

In the middle of chatting with the rep, the internet cut out. Of fucking course. So now, pretty heated, I try to calm myself before calling back in to the phone support line. The person I get a hold of is really nice and understanding of my situation. He actually says that he doesn’t need to send anyone out since I have the equipment installed already. That he can just send a code or something to the equipment. But now we’d have to get a new number. I said that’s fine just as long as we have all the services we are paying for. He said he will cancel the request the chat person put in for a tech visit. Later on that tech showed up. This is tech 4 in like 2 days. I told him that it was supposed to be canceled, that everything was working good. He insisted he at least run some health checks. He did and this went on for about 20 minutes or so. He then told me that the HD DVR box wasn’t passing a specific test and he told me to do a power cycle. That’s where you unplug something, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. I did that and let him know. He did another check and said everything passed and so he left. It wasn’t until that evening that we noticed we lost the Voyager (whole house DVR) service. At this point I was so frustrated with the whole thing that I didn’t even want to deal with it. So I didn’t. For a day.

The day after I decided I better get on it. I don’t want to pay for something I’m not getting. So I get back on chat. I explain everything and the chat rep says that they don’t see on the account where we added Voyager service. Just like what happened to the phone a couple days before. I get even more frustrated. I tell the chat person that I have the work order with the installer (tech) number on it. I give her the tech number and she tells me it doesn’t match any tech number on any work order. So this has me freaking out. Who the hell was in my house installing shit? I mean they were driving company vans so they seemed pretty legit. But still you can never be too sure these days. I was really freaked out so I demanded to speak to a manager. I explain everything to the manager. While I’m doing that the internet cut out, again. OF FUCKING COURSE. So now I skip calming down and call.

During the call I’m reassured that the chat rep had misspoken when she said the installer number didn’t match. She had meant that it didn’t match my work order, the installer number was in fact that of one of their best senior specialists. So that made me feel a little better. But while I feel better about that I still don’t have whole house DVR. The rep says they don’t see that either and they can add it but it would be an additional cost. So now that I’m really pissed I just can’t handle dealing with them anymore. My girlfriend gets on the phone from her work and explains everything to a manager. In the end we’re getting a pretty good for life deal on all of our services, which are currently working perfectly. But as one last double check they sent out tech number 5. Just to be sure everything was working right. When the tech showed up he thought he was swapping out the HD DVR box. Paranoid about all the issues we’ve been having I told him that I didn’t want to risk screwing anything up since everything was working. He did a quick health check and saw that everything was fine, so he left. Thank fucking god. Such a horrible experience. I hope this company gets better. A lot of people don’t have the luxury of choice when it comes to service providers. It really is a monopoly. Do not pass go!

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