Back in the saddle



Shit has it really been two days since I’ve graced this blog with a post? And even that post was a scheduled one!? How dare I neglect the few readers I have. I’m not really sure what to say. Oh I know, I can talk about our new toy! We picked up our new gas grill yesterday. I’ve used that thing 4 times already. I love it. I can’t wait to look up more recipes and grilling tips and tricks. It’s a Char-Broil 4 burner gas grill.


Fuck yeah!

I’ve never used propane to cook with before. So I must admit this new cooking device was a little intimidating at first. But it’s pretty straight forward, once you assemble the thing. We chose to purchase our grill in the box. We could have purchased the assembled floor model. First of all, I don’t trust any floor model when fire is involved. And secondly, the damn thing wouldn’t fit in the car assembled anyway. So the really freaking heavy box is what we got. It took about 2 hours to put together by myself. But once it was all put together it was a proud moment. I knew that what I had just accomplished is going to bring many a grilled meats to our table. I know I’ve thought about trying veganism in the past. And I may eventually work my way there someday. But I just love eating meat too much right now to go cold tofu. That sounds like a really good name for a really shitty band. Cold Tofu. Anyway, we christened the grill last night with a couple of NY strips, and today’s lunch was a mix of hamburgers and hot dogs. All grilled lovingly by moi. I really do love this thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really had this type of grill before or maybe it’s the raging testosterone in my 25 year old body. Either way give me meat, and I will give you dinner.

If anyone is on the market for a new grill, I’d highly recommend the Char-Broil brand. We got ours for about $170 before tax at Wal-Mart. You do have to get the propane tank separate. We picked up our tank for around $30 and got it filled for $11 at BJ’s (our local wholesale club).


Boy I tell ya h’what

Now I just need to make a run to our local butcher shop. They have amazing deals on really good quality cuts of meat. We got our chest freezer a few months back and still have some meat in there from the last trip. I should go in there and take inventory and start scheduling thawing days. That’s the thing I haven’t gotten down pat yet. I can never plan a meal. I’ll buy ingredients for things I think would be good to make, then I’ll either never make it or use the ingredients for something else. I hate wasting food so having the option of cooking and freezing meals for reheating later is nice. Just gotta plan it out better. Anyone have any family recipes for grilled dishes? As much as I love grilled meat, I also want to try grilling some veggies too. Feel free to share any tips or recipes you may have. Happy grilling!


Get your meat inside me

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