Because Cats


“You don’t need that fudgsicle”

Fur, fur everywhere. Always fur. Always fur everywhere. They get into everything. Them and their fur. But we still love them. We love them, their fur, and their toe beans. Yes the toe beans.


It looks like a sideways teddy polar bear!

Cats are probably my favorite pet to have. Their purr is by far one of the most soothing sounds you’ll ever hear or feel for that matter. I mean when you think about it we feel all sounds. But anyway the point I’m trying to make is that cats are great and the sounds they make are pretty great too. For the most part. There are some sounds that are not great. I will not be talking about those sounds. Purrs and tiny little meows or “mews” are the best sounds ever. They can make anger and rage dissipate like a drop of food coloring in the ocean. The playfulness and spunk of kittens and the relaxed demeanor and wise faces of adult cats are admirable. When my kitten Nova was a tiny little thing she would fall asleep in your arms. Now she won’t sit still for a picture let alone fall asleep. My older cat Ohana was the opposite. When she was really little she was wild and crazy and now is super laid back.


The good guys

I think if anyone is thinking about getting a pet, you should definitely consider getting a cat. They are pretty self-sufficient. You really don’t have to do much to maintain a cat. Feed them, brush them once in a while, scoop their litter box and play with/love them. No walking them or picking up their poop by hand. I would advise getting two cats so they have a play mate. Definitely get them together if possible. We got Nova long after we had Ohana who until now was the only cat. She’s not taking to kindly to Nova but we’re working on it. And definitely adopt don’t shop. There are tons of animals in need of good loving forever homes that can be adopted and brought home today. The animal saves you in the end. Trust me, I should know. Twice.

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