For those about to rock!

I need to get out to see more shows. And by shows I mean concerts. I haven’t been to a real decent concert in quite some time. I can still remember my first concert back when I was 10. It was 2000 and my late older brother James took my other older brother Sam and I to see Ween live. For those of you who may not be familiar with Ween, I can’t even begin to describe them. I think if I were to try to I would do the band a great disservice. I think the best way to introduce someone to Ween is to just let them experience it for themselves. So without further ado, I give you Ween:


The Boognish sees all

Needless to say their live concert was an experience I’ll always remember. So much fun and still so rock ‘n’ roll. It was at the Hard Rock Live in CityWalk, part of the Universal Studios Orlando Resort. It was my first and currently only time at the venue. I’ve been to countless shows at House of Blues Orlando, but only the Ween gig at Hard Rock. Over the years since my first concert experience I’ve attended a couple handfuls of shows. Both professional productions as well as local battle of the bands.


Only been there once

My brother Sam was actually in a band that won a battle of the bands. Lake Alfred, FL’s very own Left Hand Down. Those were some good times. I remember riding to Tampa and back in the back of the pickup truck. It was windy as hell but exciting. It was like a mini tour. I think the band could have gone far and even make it big. But like many good things the band indeed came to an end. The broke up like all the greats do. I’ve always wanted to start my own band. I’ve messed around in Fruity Loops Studio a lot in the past. It’s a music production suite that is pretty fun once you figure out your way around the interface. I never mastered mastering tracks. But I had some interesting beats and chord progressions. It was fun.

jake and elvis


I guess the last good concert I went to was about a year ago. I saw Elvis Costello and Larkin Poe. I actually had the pleasure of meeting both Elvis and the sisters of Larkin Poe. It was a show I’ll never forget.
I was in fact wearing the concert t-shirt the other day. I love that thing. I also have a t-shirt from the previous show I went to. It was the Cheech & Chong show with War. It was hilarious.Two of my idols, who like many of the greats were broken up for a while, together again on stage.


Be my friend or GTFO

And the energy and music of War was fantastic. “Why Can’t We Be Friends” was the closer and it was perfect for the night. This was during Tommy Chong’s time on Dancing with the Stars so we got to see a little bit of his dancing skills with partner Peta Murgatroyd.


Nice background color 😉

As any of you who may follow the show might be aware, Tommy did not win the mirror ball trophy that season.


“Eat shit, Will Smith!”

Instead it went to Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso Ribeiro and his partner Whitney Carson.


So I think my new goal for 2016 is to go to more shows. I love concerts, I love music, I love artists. It just makes sense. I need more culture in my life. I think I should go to more museums too. My bank offers a free museum visit on the first Friday of each month. It’s pretty neat. I have yet to take advantage of it. In due time. Rock on, readers, rock on.

\m/ >< \m/



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