I can’t think of shit

I can’t think of a damn thing to post about but I am forcing myself to post anyway. I don’t want to clutter my blog with shit but I also don’t want to let it fall silent either. I need to get in the habit of pressing words every day. I’ve played with the idea of maybe one day finding employment as a writer of some sort. Working from home at my own pace. I mean shit, basically blogging but for a decent living. Anyway, if I were to ever achieve this pipe dream, I need to get my brain tweaking out some words. There, that so far isn’t too bad. I mean, you’re still reading it, right? So if you’re going to keep reading this, why don’t I switch gears a little?

Fuck. I’ve lost my train of thought. Then again it is 1:30 in the morning so that may indeed factor into it. I don’t mean to fluff up my blog so much. It’s just I really want to keep posting and creating content on the regular. Even if that content is sub-par. I figure if I work on the quantity now, the quality will improve over time. I may be completely misled on how blogging works though. So if anyone is an expert or professional blogger and may have any tips on the subject let me know. Then again if you’re a pro blogger you probably charge for such info. Smart move. In that case I will revert to my old tried and true, Google and YouTube. Seriously, ask me how to do anything, I will most likely be able to tell you after a reasonable amount of time spent on Google and YouTube. Most of the things I know and actually put to use on a daily basis I learned from Google and/or YouTube.

Life is going to fucking suck again once we get the inevitable total systems blackout that’s bound to happen sooner or later. I’m talking like stock market crash meets y2k that actually happens… it’s going to happen one day. Teach your kids how to farm, you guys. Or better yet teach them renewable energy. We must save the Earth and be a better fucking species. Humans are like the Justin Biebers of the animal kingdom. Yeah we’ve done some stuff that’s kind of alright, but it’s mostly just us pissing in buckets. And with that I end this post.


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