‘member this?


Super Me!

Do you have early memories? I think one of my earliest memories is bathing in the kitchen sink. I must have been 1 years old or younger. I think it was in Winter Park but I could be wrong. Definitely the Orlando area though. What’s up Orlando natives! Woo. So anyway, I’m fascinated with memories and how we remember some but not others. What makes it so important to remember that stupid song yet you can’t remember where you put your car keys? I’m no expert but I bet it has to do with how we develop at an early age. I think that’s why kids who grow up in unstable environments end up a little unstable themselves later in life. I know this first hand. But again I have some early memories that aren’t necessarily traumatic. Some are, of course. But  the ones that aren’t are interesting. I remember one time being a toddler and getting into some office supplies. I covered myself with highlighter. Thankfully it wasn’t Sharpie. That would’ve been a disaster. I think I remember my mom breaking down for that one though.

Another time I spilled an entire gallon of milk in the hall. I was scared so I didn’t clean it up right away. I was so little. It’s amazing to look back on who you were as a child when you’re an adult. Like I was a weird little bastard. Still am pretty weird so that makes sense I guess. One other memory I have is the Discovery Zone place.


a.k.a. the best playground ever!

We used to have one within walking distance of my childhood home in Winter Park, FL. Those places were the best. Like Chuck E. Cheese but better. Like way better. A Dave & Busters Jr. if you will. Anyway there was a guy who we knew through I believe it was my sister. He either worked there or knew someone who did or just saw this one day. He found out that all the tickets for prizes are put into giant clear bags and put in recycling dumpsters behind the building. So one day we somehow ended up nearly clearing out the prize area. We were giving prizes away to all the patrons of the Discovery Zone. We literally were like little Robin Hoods. It was pretty awesome. Learning how to cheat the system from an early age.

Sometimes memories that you haven’t thought of in years or at all since the original event will hit you. Literally out of nowhere. It just comes through like a bullet train to the face. This can be both good and bad. Sometimes we need these memories, as painful as they may be. They are a constant reminder of the need for change. Change in our environment and change in ourselves. Other times the memories just cause more problems. The human mind is a tricky place. No wonder so many suffer from some form of mental illness. It is a sad but true issue that will hopefully be addressed and improved over time. For now stay strong and happy blogging!



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