Spark of Madness

There’s something special about classical music. It always makes me want to be in a Barnes & Noble with a decent book in hand. Sipping a cafe mocha.


Me when I finally get a math problem right

Mozart especially makes me feel this. Beethoven, however, is probably my favorite of them all. Something about the Moonlight Sonata is just so haunting and beautiful. Like seeing your grandmother finally at peace. It is soothing and unsettling at the same time. And for something to be created such a long time ago before so many advancements. It’s mind-blowing. Like really I’m at a loss for words.


“I can’t hear you, Helen!”

It’s such beautiful music too. I feel like the most brilliant people are also the most insane. I this theory goes for the great composers too. How could one human mind possibly hear this all and compose it. How could one person dream this up and bring it into the world alone? They are given a spark of madness. This madness is genius. And some handle the genius better than others. Some create sonnets and symphonies while the others make beautiful works of priceless art and are missing an ear. It’s pretty intriguing the connection between mental illness and creative genius. There’s a real connection there, I’m not just crazy! Seriously though, it’s pretty damn interesting.



Classical music makes me think of Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen. How the hell did Freddy Mercury come up with that in his head? Like there are movements and everything just like a classical piece. For that matter Paranoid Android from Radiohead is the same. It’s amazing how music can transcend so many years. I mean really at the heart or more appropriately the skeletal structure of it music is just applied math. Math is the universal language. Music is my dialect of choice. It’s the best way I can understand and use math. I can feel it. I can’t do it. Ragtime piano is another genre of music that comes to mind when speaking genius. Scott Joplin is one of my musical heroes. Maple Leaf Rag is one of my favorite pieces of music. I’ve got quite an eclectic taste. But one trend remains true throughout… a spark of madness. That genius though. Maybe it’s the meaning of life in mathematical code over the course of centuries. For as long as we’ve been able to record things. From cave paintings and on. We’re expressive because we’re living the meaning of life. We’re serving the purpose. And art is our way of manifesting the “meaning” of life. That kind of makes sense, right?


I think the acid just kicked in

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