Here I am again

Up late, supposedly “cleaning” when I’m just night blogging. Too much caffeine again. We have this old desktop PC that I desperately need to upgrade.


Too expensive

I don’t want to buy a new PC, rather I would like to upgrade individual components inside. I need a little more RAM and definitely a new video card. I want to be able to play at least some games online. I wonder if the built in WiFi will be stable and fast enough for online gaming.
I still want to build my own machine from scratch. Just order all the components online and put her together and install the OS myself. That way there’s no shit I don’t need and it’s custom fit to what I do need. I used to be really into custom PC builds and modifications. I guess I still am just have yet to do my own. Like I said I still plan on doing so, just gotta save up. I mean my next computer related purchase is going to be my MacBook Pro. That’s going to be a couple thousand dollars right there.



I haven’t played any video games in such a long time. New goals for this year along with seeing more concerts, getting and playing more video games. Still wanting that PS4. For the longest time I wanted the white console from the Destiny bundle. But now I just want a PS4 whatever color. I’d really like the Star Wars Battlefront bundle. I’d also pick up GTA 5. For the PC I want to get Skyrim, Civilization 5, and a few others. It’s a great way to escape and unwind after a long day of work and or homework. I need to get a monitor, some speakers and the upgraded inner components for the PC.


Classic guy gets trapped in a book love story

Ya know I just thought about The Sims. I haven’t played that in forever. I should see if that PC can run the originals at least. I should also install Civilization 4. I at least have that one. I’d love to play through the Myst series again. Such a classic way to kill many many hours of my youth.

There’s just something about video games that is so timeless for being so modern. I think even the earliest game Pong was an instant classic. Now these games are getting so realistic it’s incredible. I’d love to get a PS4, and have a decent PC for casual gaming. Something tells me I’ll be picking up a bit of overtime in the next few weeks. Oh yeah.

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