No diving

We got a pool last year. An above ground 16 ft Coleman brand pool. It was such a fucking pain in the ass to set up. Mostly due to the ground not being level. But once it was set up it was very fun to use. Until it became a chore to maintain. So word of advice folks, if you’re thinking about getting a pool either don’t or be prepared to keep up with that shit constantly. I think having cats as pets I’ve gotten used to the ‘set it and forget it’ lifestyle of keeping up with things. Pools do not qualify for this. Now that I’ve finally gotten the green away, I need to get in there and suck up all the leaves and crap on the bottom. Then I should scrub the fuck out of the bitch and pop in a new filter in the pump and let it circulate for a while. I’ll check the levels after all of that then adjust what I need to. Then she should be back to her sparkling, clean and clear self. It’s going to be so fucking cold when I get in there to clean it. I may just leave that for tomorrow. I don’t have much more time today to fuck around before that bachelor party I’ll be going to.

I think once I get the pool cleaned and once it warms up a bit more I’d like to throw my own house/pool party. I’ve wanted to throw a house warming party since we moved in last year. It’s my first house that’s really mine. I mean we’re just renting but still it’s in my name. It’s pretty awesome. I think once we get a bit more furnishings I’ll invite some friends over for food and drinks. It will be fun. Maybe if it’s warm enough by then we’ll be grilling and swimming. That sounds like summer to me. I usually hate summer. But with a pool and a grill how can you not get excited? I know I’m going to enjoy it very much. I will most likely grill some burgers and hot dogs. Maybe some brats for my dad. I’m not a fan of sausage. I like breakfast sausage and that’s it. I don’t like it on pizza. Like the breakfast pizza we’d used to get at school in the morning. I’d always pick them off. I can still taste the tangy sauce/egg/cheese flavor of the pizza now. Not unlike that of the bacon egg and cheese bagel at McDonald’s. I don’t need any more of those for a good portion. I’m not loving it. At least my bowels aren’t. And with that I think I need to end this.

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