That’s why I don’t fuck wit da big four-oh.


Good shit

So here is my 40th blog post. It’s been a few days and I apologize. I seriously need to cut down on my steak intake. My in-steak. Oh God that was bad, I take it back. Had a good time yesterday grilling with my father. I didn’t have any beer this time.
I might have one today. I really don’t drink that often. I used to party a lot more in my youth but now it’s once in a good while that I do drink. I prefer red wine over anything else. When I have beer it’s usually Yuengling or a craft brew of some kind. I don’t fuck with hard liquor except in celebratory situations. And even then I go way easy. I just don’t really enjoy the negative side effects of drinking booze. Sure being buzzed is a fun way to relax and unwind, but the next day sucks. I never got hangovers for the longest time. Nowadays that’s a different story. I recently, as in a few months back, enjoyed an entire large bottle of Merlot (my favorite red).


Bad shit

That night/morning was not fun. Don’t eat a hearty soup before drinking heavily. That’s all I’m saying.

I can’t imagine what a moonshine hangover. Like do you even recover from that? Or are you permadrunk? Does that explain the deep south. Is Trump rising to power in the polls because everyone is fucking wasted out of their minds on moonshine. It must be something like that. Or crack. I’m not going to make this a political post because I’m grossly unqualified to do so.


Sexist shit

However I will say this, FUCK DONALD TRUMP. Okay that felt good. Now back to the blog. I could totally use that beer now. However it’s not even 11:30 in the morning. I’m not about that life. I’ll wait until I make lunch. Still not sure what I want for lunch though. I’ll be going to Hooters later on as part of a friend’s bachelor party. Hooters and laser tag. It should be a lot of fun. I’ll probably just save today’s drinking for Hooters. I’ll be able to try from a larger selection. I might also just have a light lunch so I have room for some wings or a nice burger or something from Hooters. I haven’t been to a Hooters in a while. They have some good food. Probably good beer too but again I’m no connoisseur or brew master. I may try my hand at a food review. Blog you later.

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