Just a little push


Enlarged because that’s what we do here

So tonight I had a pretty great time with some new friends as well as an old friend. I attended a small bachelor party for my friend, the bachelor, Jay. Two of his other friends joined us. We started the night going to Hooters. Mondays are all you can eat wings so we all got that. We each tried multiple sauces. I favored the classic hot. After we stuffed our faces we headed over to Pointe Orlando on International Drive. It’s right next to the infamous upside down building called Wonderworks.


It landed on the wicked witch of OBT

We went to a place called Hard Knocks which is laser tag! It was pretty awesome. I’ve only done laser tag one other time. The first time was way different than this time. The first time I was a lot smaller and accidentally ran my face into someone’s gun. It was also in black light. That was intense.

This time was much better. Not only is it not entirely in the dark, but there’s also no black light. They have multiple types of matches. We paid for and played 3 rounds or matches at about $26 per person. Which is totally freaking worth it. The first match was a free for all where it was every man for himself. It was kind of lame because they started us all in one corner so of course everybody just started shooting each other. You can only get hit 10 times before you’re


Not a sponsor, but I’m totally open to the idea

K.I.A. or Killed In Action and are out for the match. I didn’t last long the first time. I was still getting my bearings and probably got hit multiple times in the beginning as did everyone. The second match was probably my favorite. This match we were grouped into teams. The bachelor party was in team green with a couple of girls. The objective of this match is to be the last team standing. We almost won. It ended in a draw between team green and team purple. The last round was another team match but this time it was two larger teams. This match also ended in a draw as time ran out. It was still fun none the less. I even got a sweet bruise on my knee from a knee slide that was quite epic.

After the last match we decided to cool off as you do work up quite a sweat in there. We walked around Pointe Orlando a bit. We checked out the venue for the wedding, which is this Thursday. It’s going to be held at the B.B. King’s Blues Club Orlando. I’m really excited about the food. Basically southern comfort food. The BBQ and mac and cheese are calling my name already. I have to pick up my suit on Wednesday. I’ve never been fitted for anything before.


House of Blues 2.0

We’re all wearing different super hero socks. I’m wearing The Incredible Hulk socks. Ordered them off of eBay. $9.95 with free shipping. Not too shabby. I mean for socks it’s a bit much but I look at it more as merchandise than clothing. Anyway, if you’re looking for a fun time in the Orlando area and don’t want to spend a fortune at Disney, check out Hard Knocks laser tag. It’s fucking awesome and can’t wait to go back.

I’m glad that I went because I had an awesome time. Earlier in the day I was getting pretty anxious about going and thought about staying home. I felt bad about that but I was nervous about meeting new people. It usually takes a while for me to warm up to someone new. This time, however, was different. It didn’t take long at all as we all shared a similar sense of humor. Which makes total sense as we all share the mutual friend in Jay. Who is quite a joker himself. I think it’s important that you push yourself out of your shell a little. I was not comfortable at first. The thought of being around new people freaked me the fuck out. But I did it anyway. I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. Just a tiny bit. And I’m really glad that I did. It’s imperative to remember the fact that the world begins outside of ourselves.

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