Time to go make some coffee. I’ll be right back. Okay here we go. That’s much better. I love the warm smell and flavor stampede a fresh cup of coffee offers in the morning. It’s roasted aroma fills the air and it starts to wake up the house. It seeps through walls and underneath doors. Like a ghost of caffeine it haunts you until you wake. I’ve just ran out of Folgers so the best part of waking up is being able to piss without waiting for the bathroom. I do have the Eight O’Clock Coffee brand. I picked it up at BJ’s Wholesale not too long ago. I got it as whole beans and grounded them right in the store. It was set to my style coffee maker but the grind came out pretty coarse.


Eight O’Crap

So now when I brew it, it’s not dark black like I’m used to but rather translucent reddish brown. I’m not a fan, though the flavor isn’t bad. I just like a more concentrated brew. I really need to just get myself a damn Keurig already. I told myself that if I got the job that I currently have I’d congratulate myself with a new Keurig coffee maker. I kind of live off of java when I’m at work. And since I work from home I really have no excuse for not having a Keurig by now.

I need to figure out the right way to grind beans in a blender. I have some Kona beans from Trader Joe’s. Although I’m not sure they’ll still be good. I got them a while ago and didn’t realize they were whole beans. I’m an idiot like that sometimes. I need to just get some regular ground coffee so I can have a more satisfying caffeine-induced morning ritual. Maybe I’ll splurge and get Starbucks brand.


The Holy Grail

Or perhaps not. I’d be paying for the name, not the coffee. I think I’ll try something new entirely. Something I haven’t had before. I need to look online for a coffee database and guide or something. I’m sure there is at least one. What are some of your favorite brews? Any suggestions for a good coffee for home brewing are welcomed. I also love love love this creamer that I have. I actually need to get more of it soon. It’s from Coffee-Mate and it’s Girl Scout Cookies brand Thin Mint coffee creamer. I think I may have mentioned it before on the blog. It’s like Christmas in a cup. It’s so great. I’m definitely going to need to get myself some more coffee now. Or at least get a better grind on that coarse ass shit I have now. Jeez.

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