I’m not dead


“The Robinson’s lost nine today”

I’m getting better! Okay that’s enough Monty Python references for now. Wink, wink, nudge nudge, say no more! Okay last one I promise. I mean really you can never have enough Monty Python in your life. Unless of course you’re pining for the fjords. So it’s been a while since my last post and I sincerely apologize for that. I’ve been busy and not being busy. I’ve been mastering my procrastination. But seriously, I haven’t done much of anything lately. I did help some friends move recently. Despite the hard tedious labor involved with moving, it was a good time.


“Is she a goer?”

We had pizza, although I was having my usual stomach problems. I ended up throwing up every day, per the usual. It really sucks because once I start throwing up, that feeling lasts the whole day. I had to keep taking breaks while everyone else kept working. I was arguably the strongest mover for the majority of the move. So I had the pleasure of carrying the heavy shit upstairs. But that’s okay, it actually felt kinda good to be able to work out like that. I have been meaning to go get a membership at the gym lately. I just need to actually be able to get myself there. I don’t have my license yet and so I have very minimal driving experience. I still plan on getting my license at some point this year. Once I do I will be joining Gold’s Gym as it is the closest to where I live. Also, my employer has a fitness reimbursement program where they will pay up to a certain amount per year to cover your gym membership costs. It’s pretty neat. Helping their employees get healthier and enjoy a better quality of life.


I normally don’t like physical activity until I’m actually doing it. Sometimes it feels good to work up a sweat. It reminds me of something the bass player of my favorite band said once; that he has to work up a sweat before he goes on stage. It’s like jumping onto a moving train. And that is so true. Once you get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring you feel like you can accomplish just about anything. I also enjoy swimming for exercise. That’s probably my favorite. The best part about it is you can get a good workout for a good while before you get too exhausted. We recently ran into a little problem with our pool’s filter pump. During a routine changing of the filter, I made a boneheaded error. I forgot to close the hose valves before opening the pump. As the water started to gush out everywhere I quickly tried to screw the lid back on. What I should have done was leave the lid open and just close the valves. Since I was trying to close the lid feverishly, I ended up cross-threading the lid to the base of the pump. So now that lid is stuck on there so tight you’d think they were molded together.

Luckily we had a friend with an older pump that still works for our type of pool.



Not only does the older pump work, it’s nearly silent compared to the one that actually came with the pool. So silent I nearly forget to turn it off. I need to get a timer to put it on so I can just set it and forget it. Sorry, Ron Popeil. The other crucial thing that we need to do for our pool is create a maintenance schedule. Shock once a week, which I need to do tonight. Change the filter every two weeks. And by God we need to get a damn leaf cover! That’s the most annoying thing ever. We recently let the pool get to that disgusting green mess. We actually drained it completely and got inside to scrub the shit out of every nook and cranny. There’s actually a surprising number of nooks and crannies in a round, above-ground pool. As of right now the pool looks incredible, minus a couple leaves on the bottom. Which is why we need to get that fucking leaf cover. Other than that I’ve been enjoying some good refreshing swims lately. It’s that time of year again! Time to splash around. I was going to say time to dive or jump in but with our pool that would probably kill you.



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