Rain, Coffee, and Turtles. Oh my!

How many posts am I going to make about coffee? Well I don’t think this one is about coffee per se, but I do happen to be drinking some freshly brewed java at the moment. I’m going to try and not put sugar into my coffee from now on. I feel like I’ll be able to drink more coffee that way. Also sugar is not good for you. No shit, Sherlock. I’m also sitting inside my nice cozy house while it’s a drizzly, dreary day outside. These are the best days. When I’m nice and dry and happy while the world is sad and wet. Nothing against the world – or the outdoors, rather – I just really enjoy days like this. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a nice blue sky and sunny Florida day just as much as the next guy. But there’s something really special about a thunderous overcast sky that lasts the entirety of a day. It’s almost as if the sky was just at it’s breaking point and lets out all their emotions in the form of rain. I mean, that’s kind of exactly what’s happening, right?

The rain always stirs up the most interesting creatures. For the longest time it would just drive insects inside, which is an ordeal let me tell you. But today we got a turtle. Obviously a turtle can’t just wiggle its way inside, though that would be pretty impressive and quite a sight to see. But on our back patio area there’s a small turtle all huddled up underneath a corner shelve unit. If only I had an aquarium I would keep him. Then again, he’s – I’m assuming he’s a he, I mean I’m not about to go looking for turtle “parts” – probably just hiding out from the weather. I think I’ll feed him some lettuce and tomato I have in the fridge. I’ll see if he’ll trust me enough to literally come out of his shell. Once the storms pass I’ll probably give him a lift back to the yard and see which way he goes. It always bugs me when people stop on the side of the road to “save” a turtle or tortoise from the middle of the road. I mean, on one hand it’s great that they care about the livelihood of the animal, but on the other hand most of the time they bring them in the wrong direction. Whenever you see a turtle trying to cross the street and you feel so inclined to help out, be sure to carry them to the other side in the direction they were heading. Turtles are smart, if they are going to risk crossing a busy highway, it’s probably for good reason. So when people bring them back to the side of the road they came from it saddens me. The turtle is just going to try crossing the road again. Also, there is a huge difference between a land turtle, or tortoise, and an aquatic turtle. Land turtles, for obvious reasons, do not swim. A lake or pond is not a good place for a tortoise. And the same goes for aquatic turtles in dry, sunny areas. They like the lakes and ponds.

In short, rainy days and coffee go hand in hand. Also, be kind to your animal friends. They’ve been here far longer than we have, and will be here much longer after we’re gone. If you see a turtle in the middle of the road, pay attention to the direction he’s facing! For now I’m going to get that food for my little back patio turtle buddy. Not sure what to name him. Franklin is out of the question. I will not go into detail as to why, but that name is off of the list. Any other good turtle names you can think of? Perhaps Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael?

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