Sleepless in not-Seattle


Apparently daytime is for sweats and nighttime is for pantsuits

So I’ve decided to skip the Ambien this evening. Last night’s little “experiment” left me pretty groggy this morning. But this means that I will not be falling asleep anytime soon. Which is okay I suppose. Currently, I’m not needing to get up early for any reason. I have been trying to get back into some sort of a routine. I try to get up by 9:30 am and get coffee going as soon as I can. I still need to get myself a Keurig. I can only drink one or two cups at a time. Anyway I’ll wake up and make coffee. Then I feed my cats. I now have two cats. That’s twice as much food. But it’s a labor of love. It really is. I don’t know what I’d do without cats. I used to not be so fond of them when I was younger. I had no idea how wrong I was. As it is right now I’m laying on my stomach on the bedroom floor so I can lay down and be on the laptop at the same time. Blogging in all sorts of ways. Earlier I submitted an essay for a scholarship. I won’t hear back for a couple weeks when the winner is announced. I hope I get it. It’s for a $1,500 scholarship. I am planning on starting my freshman year of college in August. That money can go a long way. I just got done watching The Big Short. Great fucking movie. Really sheds a new light on the whole housing bubble and economy crash of 2007/08. I was only 17 or 18 at the time and living in what was basically an apartment. So I really wasn’t that connected to what was going on.

A short time later I got my first job. It’s amazing how distant one can feel when specific situations don’t happen to them. I’ve only worked for two companies in my life. I guess that’s right since I’m only 25. But I know people who’ve racked up 4 or 5 companies on their resume. I’m kind of anal and don’t like the idea of a cluttered resume. Right now my resume fits nicely on one page. Short, sweet, and to the point. I think as my career grows I can summarize multiple positions into one bullet point. Not that I’m planning on applying for any other jobs anytime soon. I’m perfectly happy with the job I have now. That’s not to say it’s easy or doesn’t get stressful. Nonetheless I am quite lucky to have the job that I have. I try my best not to take it for granted. I think, however, that if I were able to be my own boss one day that I would be even more happier and probably a lot healthier too. Recently I’ve been playing a lot of The Sims 4. My sim is a best-selling author. I think that has the potential of being quite a fulfilling career. J.K. Rowling could live off of her Harry Potter income without typing another word. But now she has the freedom to write whatever she wants without the pressure of trying to sell or publish the work. Of course if and when she does that just adds to her empire. Good for her. Her story is pretty inspiring. My trouble with writing creatively is that I have so many ideas and no focus or discipline to manifest a manuscript.

I think I’m going to study English with an emphasis on creative writing. I’ve always been pretty good at it. I mean, you are reading this blog right now. So there’s that. But this blog is not Harry Potter. So there’s that too. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have theme park attractions based off of my work. I have always wanted to be a Disney Imagineer. I mean at their core they are some of the best storytellers in the industry today. That’s a gig that definitely requires some college-level discipline and knowledge. I feel like with all the crap and hate in the world today that there are far more stories to be told. Stories of goodwill toward man, and peace and harmony. I’d love to take part in telling those stories. But by the same token I do appreciate how fun horror stories have the potential to be. Stephen King isn’t rich and famous for microwaving burritos. Fuck that sounds delicious right now. 3 am burritos. 6 am diarrhea. 10 am regret. Can I really end a blog post with diarrhea?

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