Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Check out that spiffy new TOTAL ANNIHILATION MACHINE!


Check out that spiffy new satellite dish!

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I remember when the teaser for The Force Awakens came out. When you see the infamous Millennium Falcon flying into frame…
it was something magical. Well they’ve done it again with the teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
I’m not going to say another word until you’ve seen the trailer. If you’re one of those purists that avoids everything until the film’s release then first of all what the hell are you doing reading this? Secondly, I commend your willpower, but you may want to go back to Facebook or something. Oh and sorry for the first screenshot in this post. For those of you who are just as excited as me, or anyone who loves Star Wars and hasn’t seen the teaser released this morning yet, here it is:

I think, hands down, the “magical” moment in this teaser, at least for me, has got to be that shot of the Rebels v.s. the army of AT-AT’s on the tropical looking planet location of what I’m assuming is a Rebel base:


What do they expect is going to happen? How can they possibly win this battle?

This shit just got real. I feel like this new era of Star Wars films is going to be, pardon the pun, epic. I’m so glad that I’m in my 20’s while these films are being made. I have so much appreciation for the direction they are taking them. Rogue One will definitely be enough to hold me over until Episode VIII is released in December of 2017. For now I’m going to stop being a gratuitous fanboy and not re-watch the trailer 5+ more times. Oh who am I kidding? This shit is just too good.


“Thank the maker!”

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