Video Killed The Radio Star

Back in my teens I used to make stupid little videos. I enjoyed editing in Windows Movie Maker and cutting shots together. Transitions, syncing with music, it was really a lot of fun. I haven’t made anything like that since I entered the workforce about 6 years ago. I really ought to get back to that. I remember using my point and shoot that was nearly thick as a brick, no Jethro Tull reference intended. It was therapeutic in a way. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos, and I’d like to think I had a pretty good knack for it. Now I have a great job that has awesome perks. One of those perks is that I can get a copy of Final Cut Pro for free. I just need to buy myself a MacBook (preferably a MacBook Pro) so I can take advantage of the free software. I watch so many vloggers on YouTube and it has inspired me. I don’t know if I will produce vlogs or just the weird little videos like I used to do. Probably a bit of both. But the first step, other than buying a MacBook Pro, is to purchase a good digital camera that can record video in HD. I’m pretty sure I could throw a cat at Amazon and find one. Or something like that. But I want to make sure it is a good investment and that I can get a lot of mileage out of it. I love to travel and I’d like to use it for photography as well as video making.

Once I get better at writing – or really, storytelling – I will look into making short films. That’s what I wanted to do back when I was making my silly little videos. But I had no direction, no material to work with. So I just made these sort of abstract little vignettes that apparently often referenced Monty Python. Ya learn from the best, right? I may vlog about my college life experience. As you may know from a previous post, I plan to start college this August. I will be taking online courses with community college. I’m going for a general education Associate of Arts degree. After that I have no clue what I’ll be going for to get my Bachelor’s but I will get one. Perhaps film? Who knows. Either way along my journey I’d like to document it in more mediums than just text. Thought I won’t abandon this blog again. At least not intentionally. Life happens. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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