Happy Freaking Birthday

This will be my final post while being 25 years old. That’s right folks, your valiant hero is over the hill of his 20’s as of tomorrow. Turning 26 isn’t really that big of a deal. Except that my 20’s are more than half way over now. That kind of terrifies me. I need to get into better shape this year. And get my driver’s license and start driving. Having goals that are completely obtainable is good. I have to go back to work tomorrow. It’s actually my Monday. Happy freaking birthday. But it’s a good, albeit stressful job. I like money, so I find ways to manage the stress. This is another post from my new iPhone. It’s really awesome. I’m currently listening to the album Yellow House by Grizzly Bear on Apple Music as I type out this post. Pretty good blogging music, and just for listening to in general.

My cats are at it again. They don’t see eye to eye. The little one just wants to play, as little ones do. The older one just wants to sleep all day, as I do. But it’s kind of fun watching them run around. They don’t hurt each other which is good. The other day we had to move all the furniture out of the master bedroom due to a plumbing problem. We should be getting new carpet installed today. Hopefully it’s today as I can’t work while it’s being installed. Is install the right word? Do they install carpet? Either way that’s what should be going down today. I brought it up because the cats have been sleeping on the mattress which is against the wall on its side. It’s pretty adorable. See for yourself…

And I think I’ll end the blog with Ohana here. Enjoy your Wednesday, folks!

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