I did it again. I’ve neglected this blog. I could say I have been busy with work but that’s a shit excuse. Everybody is always busy with work. But I have been busy with work. In any case I’d like to get back to blogging regularly. It’s good to have hobbies and creative expression. When the two commingle it can be very therapeutic. “Oh therapy can you please fill the void?” So what has been new with me? Well in just a couple of days I will be attending my on-campus orientation at my school. That’s where I’ll get my ID and when I can start to register for fall classes. Also, I recently had the opportunity to attend a concert. A friend of mine and I made the commute out to Tampa to the MidFlorida Amphitheater to see Marilyn Manson and Slipknot, with Of Mice and Men opening. The show was a lot of fun. I was most excited to see Manson, although I do enjoy a few Slipknot tracks as well. I’ve heard of Of Mice and Men but never heard their music. They had a lot of energy and the fans seemed to fire it right back at them. I’m glad I really got to go. It has given me the concert bug again. I want to try and go to as many shows as I can afford this year. The upcoming shows I’d like to go to are Slayer & Anthrax at the Hard Rock in Orlando, as well as Korn and Breaking Benjamin at the very venue in Tampa I was at the past weekend.

If I’d have to take my pick, which my wallet may very well enforce, I would most like to attend the Korn show in Tampa. This last show was lawn tickets which were really not that bad of a view. However I’ve really wanted to see Korn since they came to that same venue, ironically, back with Snoop Dogg. I didn’t have any money then as I was just a teenager so I didn’t get the chance to go. So for this show I’d really like to get a ticket for the pit. I’m not planning on moshing or “slam dancing” as some kids call it. But I do enjoy getting an up close view of the musicians as they play the songs we’ve all heard a million times. Also it’s way more personal and intimate. The current cheapest price for the pit I can find is about $93 after taxes and fees. The fees could be tickets themselves. But I digress. Perhaps I should go to the box office to save some coin. It may be worth the trip.

In other news, I currently have a kitten curled up on my lap and nearly sleeping. She’s not normally like this. So I’m going to take advantage of it. I’ll see you all on the flip side.

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