Believe in Peace (Originally a Facebook post)

Sometimes it can feel like the world around us is getting scarier or more of a messed up place to raise a child. Sometimes I think it has always been this scary and messed up, if not worse in the past. We just never have been as in tune and turned on to everything around us – and more so of what isn’t immediately surrounding us – as we are now. Social media breeds awareness. I can remember a simpler time when you didn’t have to worry about this or that. A time when a horrific news story shocked the nation once in a blue moon. A stark contrast to today’s game of headlines. I’m extremely privileged to have grown up in the technological boom of the 90s. But I think with all of the recent events here at home in our nation – as well as worldwide – that we have been beginning to take our technologically-filled lives for granted. I can remember “Skyping” my grandparents on a landline video-phone back in the day. We were over 3k miles apart but brought together both sonically and visually within a few minutes of buffering. Boy how times have changed, right? And I know this point of view may not offer much in the way of assurance, but keep reading.

So what’s my point? In times of such loss, pain, terror and confusion I think sheer pessimism is the apex of perpetual sadness and anger. Should we feel angry about some of these things? Sure, but that only does so much good. From the togetherness of people came great technology, and from that technology came social media, which – as I previously stated – breeds awareness, often times by way of anger. Awareness is vital in finding the equilibrium of social justice and peace. Now that we are aware, now that we’ve been rudely awakened by such ugly displays of the nastiest human behaviors, where do we go from here? I don’t have an exact answer for that. But I do know that the path to enlightenment is not marked nor is it an easy path to walk. However, if we really want to progress forward down that path we sometimes need to stop for a moment and look back to remind ourselves just how far we’ve already come. Pessimistic views may have their validity rooted in a monochromatic, yes or no, good or bad environment, but in the grand scheme of things there really are far too many shades and hues to fit inside the lines of negativity. Be angry, but be hopeful. Stand up for what you believe in, but do so beneath a vail of aspiration. We can make a better tomorrow and we must. I don’t believe there’s is a meaning to life as in a “Why are we here?” sort of way, and forgive me if this is where your religion says different. I’m not in anyway trying to discredit or devalue your faith. It is just my belief is that we are here because of nothing. I mean that there is no answer as to why we are here. However the meaning of life is whichever you assign to yours. Simply put, life is what you make it. If the world is going to Hell in a hand basket then surely it is. But if we haven’t finished evolving or growing as a species, if we can admit that we have more to learn, then there will always be more time to gain acceptance, tolerance, and love.

In a scary environment it is easy to put up your defenses and that behavior has served us well before. Fight or flight. It’s literally human nature. But in a societally scary environment isolation and deflection is fatal to human togetherness. There will always be those who need the kind of help that we won’t yet know how to provide. But as long as we stand together with open hearts and most importantly opened minds we might just have a shot at this peace thing. Believe in hope. Believe in love. Believe in peace.āœŒšŸ»

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