Under Pressure

It can often be intimidating to try and live up to high expectations. And sometimes it can be unrelenting. Pressure from work, pressure from school, pressure from peers. You can drive yourself crazy with all of the pressures that you’re put under on a daily basis. Room for improvement this, I’d like to see you try harder that. It can be so overwhelming it’ll make your head spin. So what do we do with this pressure? This excruciating pressure? What is the point of being so forced into whatever situation with such velocity that you question your own reasoning? Is it love? Is it money? Is it a need for attention or re-evaluation of self-worth? I think it can be any one of these or even an amalgamation of said things. What can be done when all of the pressures of the world bear down on us day and night? When we can’t breathe? When we can’t sleep? When we can’t eat? What is the point of such anxiety and stress? Here’s the secret; there isn’t one. Humans are, by nature, very inquisitive creatures. We have the privilege of reason. Yet we have the detriment of stress and anxiety. It is a learned mechanism. I feel that it originates in our survivalist instincts. Always being on our toes keeping an eye and ear out for predators in the night. Never letting our guard down. Sleeping with one eye open, if you will. But in today’s day and age with such luxuries as not being attacked by a fucking lion, we still suffer this heightened sense of fear and uncertainty.

Work stress is not fun. Depending on your vocation, you may encounter very little or a fuck ton amount of stress on a day to day basis. I’m no surgeon, but my job does require a certain level of coping with its stresses. What’s the payoff? A comfortable living wage, and excellent benefits. I am in no way, shape, or form complaining about my profession. I know how lucky I am to have to job that I do. And how highly sought after my position can be at all times. There are plenty lined up to do what I do for a living. I’m not going into any details and am trying to remain as vague as I can as I don’t feel it is necessary or appropriate to discuss that on my personal blog. Besides this post is not about my job, it is about pressure. Do I feel pressured at work? Sure. We all do from time to time. How do I cope with said pressure and the inevitable stress that shortly follows? I have quite an arsenal of coping mechanisms. You’re reading one of them right now. I blog because it helps me express whatever it is that I am thinking or feeling at the time of me composing whatever post it is. I’ve always been this way when it comes to my writing. Music is also another great outlet for my stress. Writing songs, and just playing guitar in general is very cathartic and therapeutic. As is rocking out to my favorite songs. Okay, so maybe not rocking out as I do enjoy classical music quite a bit. But I mean, what is classical music if not metal without electricity? Right?

School stress is something I have not had the burden of dealing with in many years. This soon will be changing. My freshman year of college starts on August 29th. 20 days away as of me writing this post. I am excited. Though I am mindful of the added workload to my week. I am on a set schedule of four 10 hour days at work, giving me the pleasure of having three days off a week. My plan is to work school into those days off and in the mornings before work if needed. I will be attending school entirely online. Yet another luxury I need to remind myself of when I’m feeling encumbered with responsibility and expectations. The only expectations one should strive to live up to are the ones one sets for themselves. Everything else should fall into place. I really do hope that I can find a happy medium between work and school. I’m sure both will get to be a little overbearing at times, but anything worth doing often comes with sacrifices. I do not know what my college years will bring me, but I can’t wait to find out. I hope the good will outweigh the bad. As long as I keep a level head and can stay as positive as possible, I should fare well.

I hope that anyone reading this has gained a little insight into the worth of pressures and stresses in our daily lives. They usually aren’t there for no good reason. We depend on them to keep propelling us forward into the great unknown. Resting on laurels never got anybody anywhere. It is nice to take a breather every once in a while, and often it can be a requirement for most. But keeping steadfast in one’s endeavors typically will end in favorable results. Thanking yourself all the way to the bank, or down the isle, or even just on the couch with peace of mind. So keep working hard, pushing through, and opening up new doors for yourself. It is all worth it in the end. I may not be old and wise, but I can read the writing on the walls. Until next time…

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