Trumbo – A Rave Review

trumboposterI just finished watching this wonderful film on Amazon Prime. I have the student trial. I’m certainly going to purchase a membership once my trial ends based off of this film alone. Well, this film and the free shipping. Can’t beat that shipping. Trumbo, if you weren’t aware, is a 2015 film about infamous screenwriter and novelist, Dalton Trumbo. As infamous for his brilliant works as he was controversial for his affiliation with the Communist party in the late 1940’s, Trumbo was a part of the ‘Hollywood 10’. A group of mostly screenwriters, along with a couple of directors and producers, who all became blacklisted in the industry for refusing to testify during the trials held by the House Un-American Activities Committee. They were investigated for their involvement of Communist influences in Hollywood pictures. A self-admitted Communist, Dalton Trumbo stood for equality for all. The film starts off with Trumbo, played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston, leading a strike for studio workers to earn higher wages. Set builders, assistants and various crew on the sets of big budget film projects were making very little money in comparison to the directors, actors, and screenwriters like Dalton Trumbo himself. Though Dalton was well off in the beginning, it did not always stay this way. I don’t want to get into too much of the plot because you really ought to see the film for yourselves. I will say this, Bryan Cranston is a chameleon. Not once did I picture Walter White, or Hal from Malcolm in the Middle, or any of his other iconic roles. No… Bryan did the Trumbo estate a great justice by taking on this role. Not only will I be purchasing this film on Blu-Ray, but it has inspired me to keep writing. Like one of the characters in the film mentions to Trumbo, I’d love to get paid very well for making shit up. The film also stars one of my all time favorite comedians, 48f94550-5f00-0133-4d29-0e3f8b958f63Louis C.K.. Louis’ character is Arlen Hird, another blacklistee of the HUAC. Though the film has been criticized for some dramatization of the truth, Trumbo is still a fantastic period piece that any fan of history or Hollywood would do well to have in their collection. This film is definitely one of the best I’ve seen this year. It has not only inspired me to write, but I will be ordering a copy of Dalton Trumbo’s 1939 book Johnny Got His Gun. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth buying, not just watching, in my opinion. The film stars some top notch entertainers and the direction is fantastic. It gets me into the film making mood. Not many movies do that these days. They don’t make ’em like they used to. Trumbo is the exception to that rule.

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