Oops! I did it again.

It’s 6:02 am as of me writing this. I forgot to take an Ambien and have inadvertently  stayed up all night. Again. I need to stop doing that. It can’t be healthy. I do get three days off with my work schedule the way it is… until school starts (in 10 days!). I need to keep myself up today and not take a nap. Although I know that is an exercise in futility. As long as I remember to take my Ambien later tonight I should be okay. Reset and ready for work on Saturday. I think. We’ll just see how it goes for now. I know I need to mow the lawn, front and back. I need to clean the litter boxes, all three of them. I need to finish doing dishes, make the bed, do some laundry, and vacuum. But I will probably get like two of those things done. It’s just how I roll. Living the dream. I’m getting hungry and tired. But I also have to run to the bank when it opens in like 2 and a half hours. So maybe I’ll get three things done. Who knows. But right now I’m hungry. I think I’m going to go heat up some leftover pasta. Carbs before sunrise? I so know how to adult.

Now that my spaghetti and meat sauce is warming up in the microwave, I think I’ll begin to wrap up this shorter-than-normal post. I’ll be back at some point for another thrilling installment of “Insomniac Corner”. Sleep tight, kiddies!

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