Hello WordPress, my old friend…

I’ve come to talk with you again. It has been a few months, I know. I apologize for the hiatus. Since my last post, I have officially finished my first semester of college. I never thought I would have been able to say that. Getting in to and going to college is much easier than I had realized. Of course, I am greatly privileged to do it as effortlessly as I have, and I try to stay humble about that. In that first semester I took 3 courses, all of which where required. Freshman Comp I, Developmental Math Combined, and a course called New Student Experience. I completely loathed the latter course. It was designed to help students define their academic and career paths for later down the road. Sounds easy enough, right? The only trouble with that is that I do not yet know what I want to do with my career in both academia or the professional capacity. Most of the assignments were for you to look into your own future about 8 to 10 years to see where you were and how you got there. You had to come up with a purpose. I’m going to college to find that out, how could I possibly figure that out in the first semester? I’m glad I got an A in that course so now I won’t have to take it again. Ever.

Freshman Comp I was a breeze. I’ve always had a knack for writing. That’s not to say I didn’t learn anything in this class. I did learn quite a bit. Before taking this course, I had no idea about MLA formatting or citing sources. I’ve never gone to high school and I feel that is why I wasn’t as familiar with these areas as my classmates may have been. I also passed this course with an A grade. In fact, I was required to purchase a book for this class. Not once during the course did I even open the damn book. Everything I needed for my assignments I either already knew, or the learning material was made available online through the class itself. One thing that sucks about that is I paid $58 for the book. Now that the semester is over, I am selling the book to Chegg.com for a measly $15. The real kicker of it all is for this next semester I am taking Freshman Comp II and the book required is literally the exact same book, only a different publication year. I would keep last semester’s book but I don’t want to take the chance of having to actually use the material and it being on different page numbers or in different chapters than what is instructed. So another $58 later and I will be getting essentially the same book again. That’s college for you. It’s a business.

As far as the Developmental Math Combined course… well… I got a D. This means that I was pretty close to getting a passing C grade, but not quite enough. Now I will need to take this course again this semester in order for me to be able to take any other courses. For semester number 2, I am taking Developmental Math Combined (again), Freshman Comp II, and, the one I am most excited for, Art Appreciation. I am so thankful for financial aid as so far the only out of pocket expenses for school have been gas to get to campus for the midterm and final exam for math. Everything else has been covered in full with a remainder which gets refunded a couple weeks after the semester begins. If you are reading this and have ever wanted to go to school for anything I would highly suggest you do it. Like I said, I never went to high school, but I did get my GED. If you are in the same boat that I was in, go get your GED and follow your dreams.

As for other areas of life, I have been tossing around the idea of moving out of Florida for some time now. In a previous post I wrote all about how I wanted to move out to California. While that is still true, I have begun to factor the logistics and financial realism of a potential west coast move. It has made me reconsider the state that will be my Floridian exodus. Colorado seems like a better choice for me at this time in my life. The cost of living is significantly more affordable than both Florida and California. It will be nice to have seasons other than humidity, hurricanes, and surface of the sun. I’ve still never actually been in snow. I’m thinking of Pueblo, CO right now. However, I’ve also been researching schools out there at which I can continue to spread my wings. One school in particular has caught my interest. The Colorado Film School has some pretty interesting facilities with state of the art equipment and tools to help young storytellers do just that, tell their stories. From an early age I often would enjoy making little home videos. They were never really movies with a plot or characters. They were mostly just random weird shit that would amuse me. I really enjoyed the editing of shots and the whole process overall. I still have a few tapes out in the garage from when I was 12-13 years old. I need to buy a VCR and adapter so I can archive them digitally.

I am not 100% set on going to film school just yet, but if I do I would be going for the writer/director program. I’ve always wanted to learn how to write scripts and plot stories, craft characters and story arcs and the like. It’s not even about being successful as a writer or director. I mean, of course that would be preferred, but just getting an education around something that I enjoy is good enough for me. Films like Clerks inspire me to make films, and films like Pulp Fiction inspire me to write films. I should note that these are two of my most favorite films for that reason. I recently saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and holy fucking shit did I enjoy it! I will need to see it a few more times before I can give a full review, which I may or may not post on the blog. I do want to get back into the habit of blogging at least once a month. I feel that is a realistic goal given my work and school schedules. For now I’m going to continue to listen to music and think of films I could create. Music always does that to me. Good music makes me want to write scenes for that particular piece of music. Anyway, until next time…



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